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Interesting facts about drinking water     

    In this section you will get in-depth knowledge about drinking water as well as a brief history of Reverse Osmosis filtering system. You will also see how this system is better than others and many more related facts. We will update information from time to time.


A brief history of Reverse Osmosis          

     Reverse Osmosis or R.O. was innovated from a large fund from The United States' government during late 1950s. The purpose of it was to a method to filter out salt of ocean water. Nowadays, R.O. system is renowned among people around the world as the most efficient and the most convenient water filtering system. The system is widely used among many drinking-water manufacturers and many industries that need pure water for their production. Today, this system has been used in water vending machines and home water purifiers.

How the filtering system works?     

     R.O. system can be simply explained as follows. First, water pressure is built up by a high-pressure motor. The molecules of water are pressed through 0.0001 micron membrane filters.

      The membranes are so small that even bacteria or virus cannot pass through. Thus, the produced water is very clean and pure.

Clean water and the flu

     People normally catch a cold 2-3 times a year. Children catch a cold at an average of 10 times a year, but down to 4 times a year among adults. Presently, the flu cannot be cured yet, but we can only cure the symptoms of the flu such as coughing, high temperature, sore throat.

     Thus, the best thing is that we should minimize a chance of catching a cold by taking care of your health, staying away from sick people or taking vitamins. However, a basic way to prevent a cold that we may overlook is drinking enough clean water because water is crucial for us. It helps get rid of dangerous chemicals out of the body. It is also the main component of body's mucus. When we have the flu, our body needs more water for fighting against diseases.

     We may become dehydrated and have a temperature if we do not drink enough water. More water is needed for absorption: more absorbed water will cool down the body. We can see that water does not only help prevent but also alleviate illnesses. To immunize our body against illnesses, we should drink more and enough water.

     Next week we will continue our talk on water




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